The following is list of the LACRAO committees, their duties and current members.

Constitution, Government Liaison & Ethics

The Constitution, Government Liaison and Ethics Committee is composed of at least one representative from the Recruiting Services Committee, the registrar field and admissions field. The duties of the committee are as follows.

  • Constitution – The committee shall review the Constitution and Bylaws, and make

    recommendations for amendments or revision.

  • Government Liaison – The committee shall monitor the activities of state and federal agencies in the area of higher education and address legislation affecting member institutions.

  • Ethics – The committee shall be responsible for assisting member institutions with ethical dilemmas; promoting member compliance with the “Statement of Principles of Good Practice” and “Code of Ethics.”

Constitution, Government Liaison & Ethics Member
Adele Bulliard
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
(337) 482-6515
Constitution, Government Liaison & Ethics Member
Maria E. Cisneros
Delago Community College
(504) 671-5061
Constitution, Government Liaison & Ethics Member
Chad Jones
Louisiana State University Eunice
(337) 550-1223

Information Technology

Information Technology Committee shall assist the association with regard to technological applications and issues; inform members of existing and developing trends in technology, hardware and software; facilitate the ethical and effective utilization of technology; and address legal and policy issues related to technology and their impact on education.

Information Technology Member
DeWayne Bowie
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
(337) 482-5912
Information Technology Member
Arthur Gillis
River Parishes Community College
(225) 743-8528
Information Technology Member
Stephanie Tarver
McNeese State University
(337) 562-4250

Local Arrangements Committee

The Local Arrangements Committee consists of the Executive Committee and two members from the institution hosting a meeting. Under direction of the President, this committee shall assist the Executiv e Committee in securing and planning the program, meals, entertainment, etc., for meetings.

Nominations and Recognition

The Nomination and Recognition Committee is composed of the three most recent past presidents who are deemed by the Executive Committee to be still active in the Association and two additional members appointed by the President. The Immediate Past President will serve as chairperson. The committee’s duties are as follows.

  • Nominations – The committees shall be responsible for s ecuring a slate of nominees for the elective officers of the Association noted in Article IV of the Constitution.

  • Recognitions – The committee shall:

    • Recommend to the Executive Committee for recognition at each annual meeting those members who have made significant contributions to the Association and/or the admissions and registrar profession in the past year

    • Send to AACRAO for possible further national recognition the information on those so recognized

    • Present the appropriate courtesy resolutions atany annual or special meeting

    • The chairperson shall send certificates to those elected to honorary membership, and shall maintain an up-to-date list of all honorary members

Nominations and Recognition Member
Kelly Rodrigue
Nicholls State University
(985) 448-4154
Nominations and Recognition Member
Robert D. Vento, Jr.
Louisiana Tech University
(318) 257-2176