Guidelines for LACRAO Sanctioned College-Career Fairs

This College/Career Fair is sanctioned by the Louisiana Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (LACRAO) and will operate under its Ethical Practices and Standards for Postsecondary Outreach Activities, as adopted from the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice. By accepting the invitation to this program your postsecondary entity agrees to adhere to the following standards and guidelines.

The following excepts are taken from the LACRAO Ethical Practices and Standards for Postsecondary Outreach Activities.

While participating in this college/career fair my postsecondary entity will:

  • Always treat prospective students as mature human beings, acknowledge their interests, and respect the confidentiality of the information communicated to them.

  • Not seek to recruit solely on the basis of a student’s race, sex, creed or personal physical or mental disability.

  • Not speak adversely of or make disparaging comparisons with other entities.

  • Never promise admission, financial aid or scholarships to prospective students and/or their families.

  • Not pressure prospective students once they have indicated that they are no longer interested or have shown strong signs of committing to another institution.

  • Not encourage students to transfer if they have shown no interest in doing so.

  • Refrain from recruiting students who are enrolled, registered, or have declared their intent or submitted contractual deposit with other entities unless the students initiate inquires themselves or unless cooperation is sought from entities which provide transfer programs.

  • State clearly the admission requirements of their entities, and inform students and counselors about changed admission requirements so that candidates will not be adversely affected in the admission process.

  • State clearly all deadlines for application, notification, housing, and candidates’ reply requirements for both admission and financial aid.

  • Provide accurate information about the use/role of standardized testing in their entities’ admission, financial aid or scholarship processes.

  • Not use unprofessional promotional tactics by recruiters and other institutional representatives.

  • Remain in their assigned space for the duration of the college/career fair. Representatives will allow the student to approach them with no coaxing of any kind and will not recruit students away from another entities’ space.

  • Refrain from distributing gifts to students at college/career fairs that are or can exchanged for monetary gain and are not direct promotional items of their entity (i.e. cash, calling cards, or any other item that does not bear the name, logo or insignia of their entity).

  • Refrain from displaying any type of weapon/firearm (armed or unarmed) as a display item at a recruitment event.

  • Refrain from promoting the explicit use of alcohol or drugs through presentation or promotional material.