LACRAO Recruitment Calendar

Dear Universities/Institutions/Organizations,

The LACRAO Recruiting Calendar will be available starting June 15th. Subscriptions to the LACRAO College Fair Schedule are available to institutions outside the State of Louisiana at a small fee. A subscription does not constitute membership or affiliation with LACRAO, but covers the cost of the calendar and the ability to receive email updates on any changes that occur with events listed on the calendar.


To apply for a subscription to the LACRAO College Fair Schedule, purchase the linked product with an online payment (Deadline August 1st) for $100.00. The schedule will be emailed to you when the payment and form are reviewed. Members and Affiliate Members are not required to purchase the calendar.


Download Calendar Invoice (Non-Dues Paying Members only)

For further questions or concerns, please contact the LACRAO Recruiting Services Chair, Angela Herren, [email protected] or 318-678-6151.